Pipple was born in 2016 and we are growing like crazy ever since. We are now with >25 data scientists/consultants, working on various projects in finance, logistics and non-profit. We like variety in projects, so we create custom made algorithms using optimization, machine learning, artificial intelligence… and anything else we think is cool.

We make the world a better place by offering our expertise for free to non-profit organizations. Besides that, we make our customers extremely happy by combining data science and creativity. With energy and collaboration, we pioneer the endless possibilities of data science to find new solutions for complex problems.

Pipple is a group of energetic, creative, social, entrepreneurial, highly skilled data scientists with a passion for puzzles, people, mathematics and life. Big on both EQ and IQ. At Pipple, you have endless opportunities to grow, both personally and in your career.


Pipple is econometric stuff with a human touch – professional and informal.